Commemorating the Season’s Memories in Print

contributed by Valerie Bean (Pickering, ON)

YEARBOOKS ARE A GREAT WAY to hold memories of your hockey player from one season to the next.

In teams that we’ve been lucky to be a part of, parents take pictures of the players and parents at games, fundraising events and team get-togethers. Near the end of the season, some of the mom’s spent an evening or two sorting through the photos and creating yearbook pages.

We trimmed photos, tagged them with humorous thought bubbles and speech balloons and giggled in our silliness. The coach commented on each player’s strengths and we added a page for autographs at the back. The team lead photocopied a master set of pix and had them bound and handed them out to the players at our year-end party. The kids looked forward to flipping through the books to find themselves and their friends and to read the funny sayings.

Each season, we improved on the previous year’s version by adding other professional elements.

hockey.jpg (300×300)One year we were lucky to have a professional designer layout the pages of the yearbook. The player profiles were awesome. The team picked up the nominal printing costs (parents of one of the players owned a commercial printing company) and the result was a high-quality, professional-looking yearbook–a real keepsake for the kids.

That same year and the next, we were also fortunate to have a professional photographer on our team, but there are plenty of parents with good digital cameras and great eyes for action shots.

When we lost the player (and thus the parent), we budgeted for a professional photographer to come to a game and get action shots, which were burned to CDs and one given to each family on the team, including one of the shots in the yearbook.

While it’s great if you have the talent on the team, it’s not necessary to hire a professional photographer, have graphic artists on hand, or purchase design software to create a great yearbook. You just have to determine your budget, gather a group of volunteers and start taking pictures, and have a point person organizing it all.

You’re kids can relive the highlights of the season year after year and you’ll have your own memories of fun you had with team parents.

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