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Hockey Parent Interested in Your Opinion

A Minor.Hockey.Life. parent is interested in hearing from you.

Here’s the story:

Our local hockey organization finds no problem with parents drinking (sometimes excessively) and showing R-rated movies on team buses. This is primarily for Bantam and Midget teams (ages 13-16).

Recently, a 13-year-old was caught drinking and the parent received a verbal warning. But with the alcohol available, I believe the kids are being set up for problems. And as for the movie choices, just make the selections age-appropriate!

The executive is not willing to set rules for the buses, despite hearing that having alcohol on the bus is illegal and that some of the parents are upset about the movie choices. Is this normal for hockey organizations?

Are we a few parents who feel differently? Any response or connection with a more appropriate forum would be appreciated!

What do you think? Do minor hockey parents have the right to show movies on a team bus to children who are not legally allowed to see in a movie theatre? And what about the beer? (This is also a common issue.)

Write us an article about the way you handled a particularly sticky situation.

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