Between corporate technical writing gigs, Pickering, ON resident VALERIE BEAN writes magazines features, profiles, and general-interest articles. Valerie’s work regularly appears online and in print.

Raised at rinks in Chatham, Milton, and Stoney Creek, Ontario, JACOB BIRCH has been in and around hockey for over 30 years. He and his wife Heather now live in Niagara Falls.

ROSS BREWITT is an author/columnist and his column appears Fridays in The Chronicle Journal. You can reach Ross through his website at

A former minor hockey goalie, JEFF EMERSON lives and writes in Brantford, Ontario.

Contributor JOHN FORREST, a retired principal and director of education coached both his son’s and daughter’s hockey teams. He started an indoor ball hockey league in Port Credit, Ontario with Frank Danby’s son (the coach in the story), which became a popular success and was honoured to have dropped the ball at the first World Championship game.

Born in Peterborough, ON, KERRY HUFFMAN, currently resides in the Philadelphia area. After a thirteen year professional playing career he retired and created ProAthlete Loan, a company that specialized in helping professional athletes obtain various types of financing. After selling his company, Kerry’s love of the game brought him back to work at Cornerstone Management Sports Agency as a recruiter and Player Representative. Kerry then founded Platinum Hockey Group. Platinum Hockey Group and its divisions has helped young athletes from many different levels of sports from all across the United States and Canada.

Hockey grandparent PHYLLIS JARDINE, of Nova Scotia says, “it’s that momentary wave of warmth that brings us back, game after game.”

Former NHL goaltender STEVE McKICHEN, BS. Ed., has been turning goalies into future pros for nearly two decades through his popular, full-time goalie program. Learn about the program at Future Pro Goalie School. Members at Future Pro Live get  comprehensive advice for all levels of goaltending.

Journalist MIKE MELLON writes from Ottawa, Ontario.

Frequent contributor SHERY NORMANDEAU is a Calgary-based writer.

BRIAN O’REILLY contributed two articles first published on his blog Coach Bri’s Blog. He is a graduate of Ryerson University and a member of the institute’s Sports Hall of Fame. At 17, he began coaching and giving seminars on human potential. For the past 35 years, Brian has coached university students, high school students, business executives, professional and Olympic athletes, giving them the tools required to develop relationships needed for success.

NICK OLYNYK is a junior hockey expert.  Nick is the author of The Junior Hockey Truth, a guide for bantam and midget hockey parents and players who have aspirations of junior hockey. As a player, he has been drafted, dropped, listed, on teams in three provinces and one state, been offered an NCAA scholarship and pro opportunities, played as a CIS player, lived in 12 billet households, been traded, called up, sent down, changed high schools five times in one year, pestered by agents, appeared on national TV, seen teammates get thrown in the drunk tank with their pants around their ankles, asked for a trade, had mid-season surgery, been on loan as an all-star and been the bench watching future NHL all-stars, all while playing at every level from ages 14–21.

NEAL PURDON played competed at a high-level — Junior A, NCAA Division , and professional hockey — and believes deeply that the game is meant to be fun at the minor hockey level. His essay reflects this belief and issues a message message to coaches, parents, as well as all players about the importance of having fun at a young age, rather than focusing on winning at all costs. Neil is a minor hockey coach and elementary school teacher.

LAURA ROBINSON is a former member of the Canadian cycling team and former Canadian rowing champion and former Ontario cross-country ski champion. Her first documentary with CBC TV’s the fifth estate in 1993 forced sport governing bodies to write sexual abuse/harassment policies. Her second, “On Thin Ice” in 1996 changed the way Canadians look at hockey, as did her book “Crossing the Line: Violence and Sexual Assault in Canada’s National Sport.” For her research on hockey, Laura won the 2002 international Play the Game Award in Copenhagen, Denmark at the World Communication Conference on Sport and Society. Her film, “FrontRunners” on long-distance runners who survived Canada’s Indian Residential Schools by running won “Best Short Live Film” in 2008 at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco. It is distributed world-wide by the NFB.  Her first children’s book, “Great Girls: Profiles of Awesome Canadian Athletes” was a #1 Bestseller while her second, “Cyclist BikeList: The Book For Every Rider” was awarded the silver medal “Book of the Year Award” at the American Library Association congress for 2010. Laura is the cross-country ski coach at Cape Croker First Nation Elementary School, where she also runs a “Skiing and Scrapbooking Club” for girls. The London 2012 Olympics will be her 6th Olympics as a journalist.

PETER ANDREW SACCO, Ph.D., is an author, freelance writer, and psychology professor. He teaches classes in sports psychology and motivation. His website is

MIKE SIMON is a busy Family Physician practicing in Saint John, NB. He has coached with Saint John Youth for the past eight years during the regular season and at the AAA level during spring hockey. Between practices and games he still manages to bang the puck around in a gentleman’s league. He has had numerous fiction and nonfiction articles published in various magazines and continues to write in his spare time.

ANDREW SNOOK is a freelance journalist in the Ottawa area. He is a self-published novelist and has post-secondary educations from Acadia University, Algonquin College, and Sheridan College.

With a blog-style entry from Truro, Nova Scotia, TARA ST. JOHN shares her views on the best way to win the game and it involves scoring, not retaliating on a physically level.

RUTH E. WALKER is a poet and writer published in magazines and periodicals in Canada, the US, and the UK. She lived her sports through her four active children, especially her youngest son who loved every sport he ever tried. Sadly, she kept his hockey aspirations tied to street hockey; writing for Minor.Hockey.Life is her way of making up for that.

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