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Hockey Canada’s website has links to branches at provincial levels, from western to eastern Canada they include:

You’ll find information about minor hockey on the websites listed above. For example, click the link for the Ontario Hockey Federation and you’ll find links its member partners:

These websites in turn have links to regional teams and associations.

Books for Young Hockey Kids

The following books have been read and re-read by the kids in our contributors’ homes and will likely be enjoyed by the hockey kids in your life.

  • All-star Pride by Sigmund Brouwer.
  • The series of Brady Brady books are available through, if you can’t find them in your local library, or favourite independent bookstore.
  • Mice at Centre Ice by Estelle Salata. Available from the author.
  • Rink of Dreams by Nancy L Russell; published by Key Porter Books.
  • Gretzky’s Game by Mike Leonetti, Greg Banning (Illustrator)

Books for Hockey Parents

Minor.Hockey.Life. contributors recommend the following books to parents of minor hockey players.

  • Concussed!: Sport-related Head Injuries: Prevention, Coping, and Real Stories, by Keith PrimeauKerry Goulet
  • Fighting the Good Fight: Why On-Ice Violence is Killing Hockey, by Adam Proteau (2011, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Mississauga)
  • The Hockey Dictionary by Andrew Podnieks.
  • Orr, My Story by Bobby Orr.
  • Playing with Fire: The Highest Highs by Theo Fleury with Kirstie McLellan Day; published by Harpercollins Publishers, Incorporated.
  • The Lost Dream The Story of Mike Danton, David Frost, and a Broken Canadian Family by Steve Simmons; published by Penguin.
  • Why I Didn’t Say Anything: The Sheldon Kennedy Story by Sheldon Kennedy with James Grainger; published by Insomniac.

In the past five years since we launched this website, there have been a dozen, or more, books published by former NHL players and coaches. There are several that your minor hockey player may be interested in reading that we have not listed here.

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