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Hockey Canada’s website has links to branches at provincial levels, from western to eastern Canada they include:

You’ll find information about minor hockey on the websites listed above. For example, click the link for the Ontario Hockey Federation and you’ll find links its member partners:

These websites in turn have links to regional teams and associations.

Books for Young Hockey Kids

The following books have been read and re-read by the kids in our contributors’ homes and will likely be enjoyed by the hockey kids in your life.

  • All-star Pride by Sigmund Brouwer.
  • The series of Brady Brady books are available through, if you can’t find them in your local library, or favourite independent bookstore.
  • Mice at Centre Ice by Estelle Salata. Available from the author.
  • Rink of Dreams by Nancy L Russell; published by Key Porter Books.
  • Gretzky’s Game by Mike Leonetti, Greg Banning (Illustrator)

Books for Hockey Parents

Minor.Hockey.Life. contributors recommend the following books to parents of minor hockey players.

  • Concussed!: Sport-related Head Injuries: Prevention, Coping, and Real Stories, by Keith PrimeauKerry Goulet
  • Fighting the Good Fight: Why On-Ice Violence is Killing Hockey, by Adam Proteau; published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
  • The Hockey Dictionary, by Andrew Podnieks.
  • My Last Fight by Darren McCarty; published by Triumph Books. (2013)
  • Orr, My Story, by Bobby Orr; published by Penguin Books Canada Ltd., (2013).
  • Playing with Fire: The Highest Highs by Theo Fleury with Kirstie McLellan Day; published by Harpercollins Publishers, Incorporated.
  • The Goal of My Life, by Paul Henderson; published by McLelland & Stewart.
  • The Lost Dream The Story of Mike Danton, David Frost, and a Broken Canadian Family, by Steve Simmons; published by Penguin.
  • Tough Guy My Life on the Edge, by Bob Probert with Kirstie McLellan Day; published by  HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. (2010)
  • Why I Didn’t Say Anything: The Sheldon Kennedy Story, by Sheldon Kennedy with James Grainger; published by Insomniac Press. (2006)

fluery_theo kennedy_sheldon mccarty_darren orr_bobby probert_bob hederson_paul

Since we first launched this website, there have been a dozen, or more books published by former NHL players and coaches. There are several that your minor hockey player may be interested in reading that we have not listed here. These are the ones we have read and recommend.

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