Minor.Hockey.Life. is an online community for Canadian hockey parents. Its audience includes parents of girls and boys at all levels of minor hockey (A, AA, and AAA, house league, or AE/select).

We are interested in insightful articles about being a parent of kids in minor hockey.

We offer engaging, informative, well-researched articles on subjects that are of interest to individuals as parents of players and that relate to their experiences in the hockey parent community.

Our overall theme is education and inspiration, so we’re looking for service articles of broad interest to the parents of minor hockey players. It doesn’t mean that we won’t consider commentary and opinion, we will, if it offers compelling argument and is written to initiate, or respond to debate.

We invite parents to write us about:

  • pre-season stuff | fundraising (ideas for, the math of, success stories, and especially the pros and cons), team-building events, training camp
  • lifestyle | balancing school and hockey, nutrition, calming sibling rivalry, encouraging competitive spirit
  • team spirit | life in and around the arena, putting one’s best cheers forward, ups-and-downs of life in the stands, team-building, social events
  • team memories | espousing the joys of on-the-road games and away tournaments (there’s shopping and hotel costs and meals and other assorted travel expenses, and oh, there’s shopping); offering keepsake ideas like year books, team DVDs, and year-end/seasonal parties
  • post-season stuff | tryouts, summer tournaments, balancing summer sports like LAX and baseball with hockey commitments

Feel free to submit:

  • profiles/interviews of hockey players.
  • coaching tips | especially when written in an engaging way to help parents understand the game from the player’s perspective, and to support the coaching staff’s perspective. (For example, introducing new rules to players and getting parents quickly on-side with a new game plays and strategies).
  • guest editorials about the game of hockey.

We welcome:

  • first-time writers and established writers
  • hockey players, of any age (active and retired), coaches, and referees with inspiring stories to share
  • parents of hockey-playing boys and girls

We’d like to hear from you.

Submission Process

  • We accept queries, ready-to-publish articles, and column proposals. Just make it about minor hockey and we’ll consider it. No poetry. No fiction. We have published personal essays and creative non-fiction, but we do so without remuneration.
  • Send your submission to in the body of an email. We don’t open attachments. Please include the word “Submission” in your subject line.
  • Not all submissions are accepted for publication.

Copyright remains with the writer.

Penalty Box While we do sympathize, we’re not interested in pieces about annoying, loud-mouthed parents on your team, or why you think your kid should get more ice time. Nor are we currently looking for a tirade about the ineptitude of your kid’s coaching staff.

That is, unless you can write about it in an engaging, humorous, and constructive way. Make us laugh and we’ll post it.

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